TMC Engineering Ltd. was founded by Terry McCoy in 1999.  Terry had been in the steel building industry internationally working with renowned manufacturers such as Stran, Span, and Varco Pruden.  When he semi-retired, he partnered with Star Building Systems.  Upon his passing in 2006, his son Lee took over the company.  While Terry focused mainly on smaller projects, Lee took the company to new levels, increasing the number, size and complexity of projects that TMC was able to handle.  Through this growth, he expanded the company’s equipment, personnel, and training.  Now the company owns a selection of tools and vehicles for erecting metal building, including a 12-ton crane truck, scissor lift, scaffolding, a bucket truck, and a vacuum-lifter for insulated panel systems.  TMC’s headquarters is in Nassau and completes projects throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

    PROMPT was founded in 2012 after seeing a need for race services in the Bahamas. The international community began exploding with triathlons, running races, bike races, mud runs, adventure runs, colour runs and the like, and none of it was happening here in the islands.  PROMPT was formed to create new destination events such as the Great Abaco Family Fitness Weekend and the 242 Colour Run.  In addition they provide support to other events such as the Potcakeman and the Pinnapleathon.

    Harbour Safaris is a unique boat tour offering various excursions throughout the Central Bahamas.  Based in Nassau, Harbour Safaris can get you and your friends & family to Exuma to swim with the Pigs, Harbour Island to have lunch with the rich and famous, or to Kamalame Cay for lunch.  Our number 1 tour is our Swimming Pigs Excursion, a full day tour through the Exuma Cays.